zondag 18 april 2010

Trying to make a saikei.

Here some pictures off a saikei I make this weekend.
There is still a lot off work to do on the trees bud for now I leave it to rest.

I don't know if this have anything to do with bonsai bud it was fun to make it

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zondag 4 april 2010


Walking around in the forest trying to forget my privet problems I discover a Crataegus with a nice trunk an enough moment to make a good bonsai one day.
I decided to dig it out bud unfortunately I wasn’t able to take plenty roots with it.
The trunk is 10cm with an have a nice bark structure.
Hopefully it will survive.
I will give the tree weekly hb101 and will feet the leafs so much as possible.
Fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Possible future.

vrijdag 2 april 2010


To calibrate the fact that my girlfriend almost recovered from a stroke last December we spend last weekend on the Veluwe and walked every day about seven kilometers in the forest.
We had a wonderful time and to be honest I never believed that we can do this again after December.
Pictures off this little trip in the album Lunteren 2010
Just one day at home another stroke, worse than the one before, blow all our hopes away.
Now she is staying in a hospital, barley able to talk and not even able to walk at all.
I ask God if He had not punish her enough bud no answer so far.
Maybe he is on holiday to.